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Vinyl Wood Flooring Trends in Vancouver BC

Vinyl Wood Flooring Trends And Popularity. Why Wood Grains? Do you think you can always distinguish vinyl wood flooring from solid or engineered hardwood flooring from a glance? If you say Yes, then we are going to prove you wrong. Luxury Vinyl Wood Flooring has completely changed the game. Since it was originally introduced to the consumers about 4 years ago, it has significantly grown in popularity. Luxury vinyl wood flooring can basically mimic any type of hardwood. And with the new photo technologies, you can barely tell the difference unless you touch the floor. Besides an incredible look, you still get

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Top Rated Vancouver Carpet Store: Carpet Sale & Installation

Why Were BC FLOORS® Awarded As The Best Vancouver Carpet Store? BC Floors offers top-notch quality carpet in Vancouver. Whether your flooring project is in a residential or commercial property, we will help you find the perfect carpet solution. We stock the best selling brands of carpet and carpet tiles to fit any requirement in your site. One Stop Vancouver Carpet Store Our wide inventory includes all types of broadloom carpet and carpet tiles. Over the years, BC Floors has grown to be the most reputable carpet store in Vancouver. This is not only because of our varied selections, we keep in stock,

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professional flooring services vancouver


VANCOUVER FLOORING PROJECT MANAGEMENT BC BC FLOORS We are here to assist you at every stage of your project. We start with a free professional on-site consultation which gives us a good idea of your preferences and clear picture of your project’s needs. Based on that, we advise you on all possible flooring options, provide you with a detailed quote and together we determine project time frame that meets your deadlines and working schedules. From day one you deal with one person only, your personal project manager, who makes sure the process goes in compliance with the original plan. For

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luxury vinyl plank flooring Vancouver

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

With Vinyl Flooring, You Don’t Have To Worry About Staining Or Wearing Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is an ideal background for dynamic and busy households, and even commercial locations. If you are leading busy life style also full time working professional, the last thing you need is to worry about your flooring, when you come home in Vancouver. In such case, Armstrong Vinyl flooring would supply your home with a lovely design that gives real wood or the ceramic tiles look, minus the problems that natural materials bring along. The Armstrong floor core offers more comfortable feel underfoot, which is great

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Cork Flooring, Vancouver Eco Friendly option

Cork Flooring, Vancouver Eco Friendly option For a long time, Cork had a low reputation due to usage of low quality materials, but over the years, it has made a comeback as advances in manufacturing have made care and maintenance easier than before. Cork Flooring provides a unique statement as it offers the perfect flooring solution for music lovers, people with pets and for customers who want the Eco – friendly option. Cork flooring benefits It is made of the bark of the cork tree and has a very cellular structure which allows it to have ‘memory’. Its remarkable properties

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Comparison: Solid and Engineered hardwood flooring in Vancouver

Comparison: Solid And Engineered Hardwood Flooring In Vancouver Market We sell and supply all types and brands of quality hardwood flooring such as solid single layer or engineered hardwood in Vancouver. Hardwood Flooring offers supreme packages to both, homeowners and building craftsmen alike, under very reasonable prices. Whether one is considering a revamping, refurbishment or new interior design creation, we have customizable services to match the most demanding customers’  and contractor’s needs. All types and brands of Hardwood Flooring in Vancouver that we offer are under the quality guarantee and attested for certificate of ISO 9001 – Quality Control System. We have materials

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Vancouver Hardwood flooring & Wood Flooring market

Why Should You Choose Hardwood Flooring For Your Home Vancouver hardwood flooring market is full of options. No wonder, Hardwood floors are quite unique, as they provide in the first place an ideal setting for variety of imaginative interior decorating styles. They also supply the room with warmness and style. However, they need to be maintained properly, if you want them to last for up to 25 years. With proper care, their attractiveness will only increases with age. Yet, in today’s life-styles you need to consider low upkeep levels of flooring which contributes to the value of your property, making Wood

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vancouver laminate flooring installation

Vancouver Laminate flooring supply and installation

Choosing carefully the right type of flooring is one of the most important investments for dwellers in Vancouver. Laminate flooring and engineered laminate flooring show superb long term characteristics. In today’s market conditions, it is of outmost importance that consumers are well aware of cost to value ratio and make wise choices when furnishing their homes. Low-maintenance and durable Laminate Flooring in Vancouver is today’s most affordable choice when considering the flooring for residents’ home. Let’s examine most important points for this decision: the laminate is practically indestructible; it offers the appearances and consistencies of genuine wood; and costs a fraction of

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BC Floors, Vancouver Flooring company

If you are thinking of remodelling your home, and want a change of flooring, then BC FLOORS® Flooring Company is the One Stop Shop for you. You won’t have to search through all the Vancouver flooring stores, as we have all you need under one roof.  Whether you want customized flooring or floor patterns created, all you need to do is talk to the Project manager or store representative and we will show you the best options according to your budget. We supply various flooring and related services so that you don’t have to search for another company after finding the perfect

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Innovative Superior Laminate Flooring Available in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Laminate floors are found to be an excellent choice by many home residents in Vancouver area, BC, Canada Laminate Flooring in Vancouver, BC, Canada is highly durable, minimum maintenance flooring company that offers a variety of hardwood patterns and textures. The surface consists of highly quality, hard-wearing formaldehyde free coat that readily resists staining, scratching, hitting and even burning materials. Laminate floors are actually made of multiple infused layers from materials that are glued together under high temperature and pressure. In more detail, the layers of wide board consist of so called “wear layer” that is an actual cover consisting of aluminum

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