Is Ceramic flooring right for you? See pros and cons about tile and stone flooring.

Popular and cost-effective, ceramic tile and stone flooring remains one of the most used in real estate, whether residential or commercial. And its fame is not for nothing: economical and versatile, it can be installed in any room. And to help you if you are in the process of construction or renovation, we will talk in this article about some pros and cons of this type of flooring. This makes it easier to understand if it is the right option for you.

Advantages of ceramic flooring 

Versatility is probably its biggest pro, considering that ceramic tiles blend well outdoors and indoors. Also, there is a huge variety of colors, textures and sizes. Many models even imitate other materials such as wood and marble.

Durability is also another good pro of ceramics. It can last 20 years or more, so it can be considered a great investment. Furthermore, the ceramic flooring is resistant to water, stains and bacteria. Its success is also due to the ease of cleaning and maintenance, as to keep it clean all you need is a broom and a squeegee with a damp cloth.

It is excellent for regions with warm climates, as it is a tiled floor, it keeps the temperature in the house pleasant. Installation is also simple and equally economical, but the floor surface must be very clean and dry, requiring a grout to join the pieces.

But what about the cons of ceramic flooring? 

If, on the one hand, ceramics are great for hot climates, the same cannot be said for cold climates. This floor makes the house cooler, especially when in contact with the feet. Its surface is also hard, which makes the use of rugs recommended to make the rooms more cozy.

When wet, the floor becomes slippery, which poses a risk of accidents, especially with children and the elderly. And lastly, if installation is not done carefully, parts can easily break or crack. This can be circumvented, of course, by choosing a reliable flooring company that specializes in installing this type of flooring.

Oh, it’s also worth remembering that if this is your choice of flooring, make sure you buy 10% more material than necessary to ensure the same tone of the tile in case one needs to be replaced, right?

Ceramic floors in Vancouver

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