Cork Flooring, Vancouver Eco Friendly option

Cork Flooring, Vancouver Eco Friendly option

For a long time, Cork had a low reputation due to usage of low quality materials, but over the years, it has made a comeback as advances in manufacturing have made care and maintenance easier than before. Cork Flooring provides a unique statement as it offers the perfect flooring solution for music lovers, people with pets and for customers who want the Eco – friendly option.

Cork flooring benefits

It is made of the bark of the cork tree and has a very cellular structure which allows it to have ‘memory’. Its remarkable properties are what makes cork warm, cozy and quiet – qualities that make the perfect environment for your home. It can be used in different areas of your house or office due to its unique characteristics. If you notice recent trends, you will find out that cork flooring has become popular in Vancouver.

This is because it can be used in various rooms for various reasons. It’s soft and yielding surface makes it great for people who need to be on their feet all day. It acts as a natural insulation and offers noise reduction. This makes it the perfect choice for homeowners who like to have a home theatre, or music lovers who need to jam, without disturbing anyone else. It is a great feature in schools and hospitals as it absorbs impact sounds, and its ability ensures that most objects do not leave a dent in its surface. This same property also traps the warmth so you can save on your heating bill in winter.

For the Green Clients out there, we proudly announce that no trees are cut for its production. The loose bark is harvested in summer, allowing the tree to grow back in 9 years time, ensuring that the tree contributes to cork production for decades.

Cork flooring installation in Vancouver

We sell the best brands that specialize in cork flooring in Vancouver, and also offer the services for installation of the same as it requires great expertise. There are many precautions to be taken during installation. Cork flooring can be installed over various sub floors like concrete, wood and tile making it a versatile option for remodelling.

There are two methods of Cork flooring installation – Click and Glue-together Method.  We stock all colours and sizes of Cork depending upon the area of your house you wish to remodel and the colour scheme of the same. Most cork floors in Vancouver are of the natural hue that adds calmness to the ambience of the home, but it is also available in different stained colours as per your requirement.

Finally, a water based polish is to be applied to the surface of the cork material on a regular basis to prolong its life. As always, BC Floors brings your Innovative floor covering solutions at its finest. Contact us for a free onsite estimation and samples demonstration. 



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