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Best Canadian Hardwood Flooring Available In Vancouver

We sell and supply all types and brands of quality hardwood flooring such as solid single layer or engineered hardwood in Vancouver. Hardwood Flooring offers supreme packages to both, homeowners and building craftsmen alike, under very reasonable prices. Whether one is considering a revamping, refurbishment or new interior design creation, we have customizable services to match the most demanding customers’  and contractor’s needs. All types and brands of Hardwood Flooring in Vancouver that we offer are under the quality guarantee and attested for certificate of ISO 9001 – Quality Control System. We have materials manufactured in Asia, Europe and North America, including Canadian engineered hardwood flooring. There is an excellent corporate team in stand by training, to satisfy and serve every customer’s desire.

What is Canadian hardwood flooring known for?

Canada certainly is a land of forests. Forest and other wooded land covers around 41% of its whole territory which makes 10% of the world’s forest resources. The variety is impressive as well. There are about 180 various tree species that found home in rainforests of British Columbia, boreal forests of eastern part of Canada and wooded areas of Arctic. Each forest area produces different type of hardwood flooring, but Canadian solid & engineered hardwood flooring is well respected on the international flooring market for its high quality and impeccable natural characteristics.


Some of the most widely used types of Canadian wood flooring d used in flooring industry are oak, beech, birch, ash and, of course, maple. Here are some of their unique characteristics that make them stand out:

– stronger structure/tighter wood is a result of cold conditions that trees are growing in

– impeccable consistency in texture

– incomparable combination of stunning look and exceptional durability

Canadian hardwood flooring


Canadian government does everything possible to prevent illegal timber supply which does not comply with Timber Regulations.

Moreover, Canadian manufacturers are constantly working on minimizing wood waste. On average, only 5% are left unused which is basically top branches.


Lauzon is one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring in Canada. The company was founded in 1985 and is based in Quebec, Canada. It has a reputation of a very reliable partner in the international marketplace. Major export directions are Asia, Europe and United States.

Preverco is a manufacturing company based in Quebec, Canada. The company was established in 1988 and specializes in prefinished hardwood flooring. It has been exporting its products in many countries, including Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, United Arab Emirates, United States and others. BC FLOORS Wood Flooring Department supplies and installs Lazuson, Preverco, Appalachian & MIrage Hardwoods

canadian hardwood floors

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