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Backsplash Tile in Vancouver: Top Trends for 2019

For kitchen backsplash tile in Vancouver, the team at BC Floors has got you covered. Backsplash tile can be almost any sort of tile. From natural stone, ceramic or porcelain materials, the backsplash is an affordable update that easily allows homeowners to refresh tired or outdated kitchens without investing in a full space makeover. The kitchen and bathroom remain two of the most popular investments when it comes to renovating spaces. Why? Because these add beauty and value to the home. The kitchen, in particular, is considered to be the heart of the home, with the average remodelling budget coming

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5 On Point Questions to Ask a Flooring Contractor

Installing a floor is part of investing in your home. As such, hiring a good contractor (someone you trust) is essential for peace of mind. While referrals are always valuable, cost has to be considered as well. Generally, securing three quotes is considered good practice, but these can range wildly depending on the contractors. To ensure you’re working with a flooring contractor who delivers craftsmanship and value, the team at BC Floors in Vancouver has compiled a list of questions to help you identify trustworthy professionals. 1. Are you licensed and insured? A flooring contractor that’s not legal could leave

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BC Floors Offers the Longest Workmanship Warranty on the Market

As a company that provides laminate, tile, and hardwood flooring in Vancouver, BC Floors invites anyone planning a flooring project—either for a new construction or renovation—to consider taking advantage of our full benefit warranty. BC Floors offers the most popular and unique brands of carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl, cork, bamboo, tile, and hardwood in Vancouver. While all products are backed by an up to a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty, we’re also pleased to offer a residential installation warranty for up to 3 years—the longest on the market. How can BC Floors offer this unparalleled workmanship warranty? Because our contractors are some

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Vinyl Floors in Vancouver: Durable and Versatile Flooring Solutions

Vinyl flooring has gained a reputation as a beautiful and durable flooring solution. It’s comfortable and warm, resisting wear and tear or even the occasional spill, which makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and other high traffic areas. Vinyl Flooring in Vancouver The team at BC Floors caters to residential and commercial clients, with a wide selection of vinyl flooring in Vancouver. Besides traditional style options, today’s selection of vinyl flooring can convincingly mimic popular styles like wood, stone, and marble—at a fraction of the cost.   For example, those looking for a sturdy alternative to tile might consider luxurious

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Stairs: Hardwood Flooring Solutions by BC Floors

Stairs: Hardwood Flooring Solutions by BC Floors When the floors of your home are filled with beautiful, elegant hardwood, leaving carpeting on the steps can ruin the aesthetic. But when the edge of the flooring leads to steps, a staircase, or a sunken room, it opens up a whole new consideration about choosing a suitable Vancouver flooring company.   It’s a little known fact in the flooring world, but there are many companies that do not offer nosing or stair threads, which are fundamental to installing hardwood flooring on stairs. If the company you choose does not provide these services,

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Laminate flooring cost – so what are you paying for?

Features Which Affect Laminate Flooring Cost Perhaps the time to replace the old floors home has come. Here is a few reasons why consider laminate flooring for your renovation. Laminate flooring cost is fairly low, the installation is quite uncomplicated, the maintenance is easy and material itself is very durable. Laminate flooring is an excellent value for your money. It remains one of the main choices when flooring your apartment is being thought of since the laminate flooring cost is very affordable. The laminate which is used in modern times has the appearance and even to some extent the texture of hardwood or

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Best Living Room Carpet For Your Vancouver’s Home

Plush Vs Berber Carpet For Your Living Room Carpet flooring in your living room can easily transform and add value to your home in Vancouver. Some carpets look great and add a whole new dimension to the room, especially if you choose the carpet with saturated colors, textures, or patterns.  We offer you an opportunity to benefit from a wide range of custom carpet flooring with prices and quality matching. By changing the design of your room with completely different atmospheres is like moving to a new house and starting it all over again! It’s exciting, yet simple and effortless. However, when

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Grey Wood Floors Trend in Vancouver. Is it still in trend?

Grey Wood Floors Has Been Leading Hardwood Trend Colour Since 2012 SIMPLY GREYISH ENGINEERED HARDWOOD Let’s have a quick overview of the main hardwood flooring trends of 2018. Wood planks width. One of the flooring trends of 2018 is to go wider which means 6 and 7-inch planks are still very popular, but 10 and 12-inch are certainly slowly taking over. Even though this trend has been there for a few years, seems like this summer it is really booming. Wood Floor character. Number one choice of 2018 is still natural-looking floors with a lot of character and natural color variations. Wood

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why layzon best canadian hardwood flooring brand

Why Lauzon is the best Canadian hardwood flooring brand

Why Do We Think That Lauzon Is The Best Canadian Hardwood Flooring Brand? HOME AIR QUALITY IMPROVEMENT… BY LAUZON HARDWOOD! A Canadian-based manufacturer came up with a terrific new product – smart hardwood flooring. Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring company believes and proves with its one of a kind flooring innovation that Canadian floors can be not only beautiful, but useful for in-house environment. What it does is purify the indoor air including reducing the amount of bacteria, moulds and various viruses and almost eliminating households smells. Pet owners and smokers would clearly see the advantages. To get this purifying feature have

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wood floor for bathroom

Engineered Wood Flooring for Bathrooms. Bathroom Hardwood

WOOD FLOOR FOR BATHROOM – GET THESE WOOD FLOORS WET! If you have always wanted to get engineered wood flooring for bathrooms, and flooring experts kept warning you against such a decision, with a new joint-and-locking system, you are free to do so. Huma, based in Germany, invented this new plastic-based joint-and-locking system that prevents water from seeping between floor boards. The surface of the flooring is covered with one layer of elastic polyurethane and one layer of UV acrylate. So there is no chance for any moisture damage. This hardwood flooring will be an amazing solution for kitchens, bathrooms and saunas.

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