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Cork Flooring: Vancouver’s Sustainable Choice

For a long time, Cork had a low reputation due to usage of low quality materials, but over the years, it has made a comeback as advances in manufacturing have made care and maintenance easier than before. Cork Flooring provides a unique statement as it offers the perfect flooring solution for music lovers, people with pets and for customers who want the Eco – friendly option. Long before its fame as a flooring material, cork was an essential tool for various functions. Be it in sealing bottles or aiding fishermen with their floats, cork’s versatility was well-established. Its transformation as

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Vancouver store flooring – how do I choose the best option for mine?

Are you going to open a store or are you renovating yours? Are you in doubt about which floor would be ideal for your case? So keep reading this post – we’ll answer some of the main questions surrounding this decision in it. For starters, of course, for any spaces, be it residential or commercial, everyone wants the best cost-effective option. But when we talk about stores, this is even more important. This is because this is a space with high circulation of people. And that’s where people come in with shopping carts, baby carriages, wheelchairs, delivery or product replacement

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Top Flooring Companies in Vancouver: BC Floors is among the best in the area

Are you looking for the best flooring companies in Vancouver? BC Floors has just been listed as one of the top 3 flooring companies in the area by ThreeBestRated. We are specialized in variety and installation of wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, concrete, tile and stone floors and even cork and bamboo floors. In addition, we also revitalize hardwood floors. Top flooring companies in Vancouver: how to choose If you are building or renovating and are looking for suppliers to help you with the flooring project, we have prepared a small guide with everything you should look for to make a

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Find out what are the main trends in flooring and coverings

Choosing floors can be a challenge. There are many options on the market, with very different sizes, colors and prices. If you’re thinking about buying an apartment/house and moving in or even renovating one, it’s worth knowing what the industry trends are. Regarding formats, the watchword for floors and coverings is daring. The same goes for colors and even tone-on-tone environments are on the rise. To follow the trend in the kitchen, for example, you can have a light gray floor and dark gray cabinets. Now in larger and colorful versions, the coverings will be a key part in any

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Find out how to choose the ideal flooring for each room in the house

Each corner of our house has a special meaning and each room gives us a distinct feeling. Taking these factors into account is essential when choosing the ideal floor for a room. And we’re not just talking about the aesthetic issue. The floorings chosen make all the difference to harmonize the residence and allow it to provide more comfort. Every room has different needs. Wet areas need floors with a higher coefficient of friction, for example, that do not slip and that meet performance standards. However, in addition to your personal tastes, do you know what needs to be observed

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What is the best flooring option for homes with pets in Vancouver? See suggestions

If you have a pet and are building or renovating, you have certainly wondered if you have an ideal floor for this case. After all, you don’t want a product that will harm your pet or last a short time, right? So, read this article until the end and we tell you all about the main types of floorings to help you choose the best one for your home and to your pets. Laminate floors: More Coziness Laminate floors are known for easy installation and practical cleaning. They do not accumulate dirt easily and make the environment warmer and more

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Solid Hardwood Floors Vancouver: Three Emerging Trends for 2019

Solid hardwood floors are a terrific option for those targeting environmentally-friendly flooring for the home and office. Genuine hardwood floors offer long term use while imbuing spaces with a classic beauty that fits the minimalist mindset dominating interior design in 2019. As providers of hardwood flooring in Vancouver, the specialists at BC Floors have noticed that the objective of creating minimalist spaces resulted in three trends in the world of flooring.   Natural Colors While espresso hues were once all the rage, 2019 has paved the way for softer, more natural looks that range from ethereal grey to soft white,

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Backsplash Tile in Vancouver: Top Trends for 2019

For kitchen backsplash tile in Vancouver, the team at BC Floors has got you covered. Backsplash tile can be almost any sort of tile. From natural stone, ceramic or porcelain materials, the backsplash is an affordable update that easily allows homeowners to refresh tired or outdated kitchens without investing in a full space makeover. The kitchen and bathroom remain two of the most popular investments when it comes to renovating spaces. Why? Because these add beauty and value to the home. The kitchen, in particular, is considered to be the heart of the home, with the average remodelling budget coming

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5 On Point Questions to Ask a Flooring Contractor

Installing a floor is part of investing in your home. As such, hiring a good contractor (someone you trust) is essential for peace of mind. While referrals are always valuable, cost has to be considered as well. Generally, securing three quotes is considered good practice, but these can range wildly depending on the contractors. To ensure you’re working with a flooring contractor who delivers craftsmanship and value, the team at BC Floors in Vancouver has compiled a list of questions to help you identify trustworthy professionals. 1. Are you licensed and insured? A flooring contractor that’s not legal could leave

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VANCOUVER FLOORING PROJECT MANAGEMENT BY BC FLOORS We are here to assist you at every stage of your project. We start with a free professional on-site consultation which gives us a good idea of your preferences and clear picture of your project’s needs. Based on that, we advise you on all possible flooring options, provide you with a detailed quote and together we determine project time frame that meets your deadlines and working schedules. From day one you deal with one person only, your personal project manager, who makes sure the process goes in compliance with the original plan. For

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