Easy Ways to Keep Laminate Floors Looking Great

Laminate flooring is popular in many homes in Canada. It’s stylish and strong. But, keeping it shiny can be a bit hard. To keep your laminate floors looking bright and new, avoid common mistakes that make them lose their sparkle. You need to know why they get dull and how to make laminate floors shine.

Common Mistakes That Make Laminate Floors Look Dull:

Laminate is tough, but it needs the right care to stay nice. To keep it shiny for a long time, don’t make these mistakes:

  1. Wrong Cleaning Stuff: Using the wrong cleaners can make laminate floors lose their shine. About 70% of the time, the dullness comes from strong chemicals, cleaners with ammonia, or waxy stuff. They leave stuff behind and make the surface less shiny.
  2. Too Much Water: Too much water is bad for laminate. Mopping too much or using steam cleaners can let water get into the cracks. This causes swelling, warping, and a not-so-shiny surface.
  3. Not Cleaning Spills Fast: You have to clean spills right away. If you don’t, they can sink in and make the floor stained and dull. Cleaning them quickly helps prevent lasting damage.
  4. Scratchy Tools: Some people use tough brushes or scouring pads. These can scratch laminate and make them look dull. It’s better to use soft, gentle tools to keep the surface looking good.
  5. Not Cleaning Enough: Dirt and dust can make the laminate less shiny and even scratch it over time. Regular sweeping or vacuuming is key to keeping the laminate looking great.
  6. Forgetting to Protect the Floor: Not many people use protective pads under their furniture. Without these pads, moving furniture can scratch and dull the laminate.
  7. Ignoring the Rules: Not following the care instructions from the floor’s maker can lead to damaging mistakes.


How to make laminate floors shine

Why Laminate Floors Lose Their Shine:

Laminate can lose their sparkle, and it’s important to understand why. Although they are designed to be durable, certain everyday habits can cause them to become dull and marked.

  1. Improper Cleaning Methods: Did you know that a lot of floor problems come from cleaning them the wrong way? About 70% of the time, surface lose their shine because of strong cleaners or using the wrong tools. These can rub off the protective top layer, making the laminate look dull.
  2. Build-Up of Cleaning Products: A survey showed that 55% of the time, laminate lose their shine because of leftover cleaner. Many floor cleaners have stuff in them that leaves a layer behind. Over time, this layer builds up and stops the laminate from shining like it used to.
  3. Wear and Tear from Foot Traffic: Floors in busy areas can lose their shine more easily. Studies show that these floors can lose their glossy look 40% quicker than surfaces in quiet areas. All the walking wears down the top layer, making it less shiny.
  4. Exposure to Excessive Moisture: About one-third of the time, laminate flooring gets damaged by water, particularly in moist environments or when spills are not cleaned up swiftly. Water can seep into the layers of the flooring, causing them to swell and become dull.
  5. Sunlight and UV Exposure: Too much sunlight can make the laminate less shiny. UV rays break down the stuff on the floor, causing it to lose its shine. Research says that areas in the sun can get 20% duller every year.
  6. Aging of Material: Just like other materials, laminate flooring ages. With time, the top layer can wear down, reducing the shine of the surface. It’s estimated that laminate begins to show signs of age-related dullness after 5–10 years, depending on their quality and usage.


DIY Cleaning Solution for Laminate Floors:

You don’t need fancy cleaners to keep your laminate floors looking great. You can make a great cleaner at home with stuff you probably already have. Let me show you how to clean laminate flooring with your homemade floor cleaner.

What You’ll Need for Your Homemade Cleaner:

  • Distilled White Vinegar: It’s a common thing in Canadian homes. Vinegar is a natural germ-killer. It cuts through oily dirt without leaving anything behind. Plus, it’s gentle on your surface.
  • Water: Better use distilled or filtered water so you don’t get any mineral marks.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: This helps the laminate dry faster, so there’s less chance of water damage. It also makes the cleaner work better.
  • Liquid Dish Soap: Just a bit of gentle dish soap can help get rid of tough spots.


How to clean laminate flooring

Tools for Cleaning Your Laminate Floor:

  • Dry Mop or Microfiber Mop: Employ this tool either in a dry state for dust removal or slightly moistened with your cleaning agent.
  • Spray Bottle: This container is ideal for storing your laminate floor cleaner. You can apply it directly to the surface or with a mop.
  • Microfiber Cloth: An excellent choice for addressing particular spots and for polishing difficult areas.


How to Use Your Homemade Cleaner:

  • Get Ready: Start with your dry mop to pick up any loose dirt.
  • Making the Mix: Put the vinegar, water, alcohol, and dish soap in a big jug. Mix it gently.
  • Putting It to Work: Pour the mix into a spray bottle. Spritz a little on the floor or a damp mop. Mop in parts, but don’t make the floor too wet.
  • Tackling Tough Spots: Spray directly on stubborn spots and use the cloth to scrub and polish.
  • Drying: After mopping, use a dry cloth to wipe up extra wetness and make your floor shiny.


Extra Tips:

  • Smell Good: Add a few drops of essential oils like lavender or lemon for a nice smell.
  • Spot Cleaning: Use the same spray for spot cleaning. Spray, wait, then wipe.
  • How Often: This mix is great for regular cleaning. Use a store-bought cleaner now and then for a deeper clean.


Final Thoughts

Cleaning laminate flooring effectively is both easy and budget-friendly. Learning how to make laminate floors shine involves understanding what dulls their appearance. Using a simple, homemade cleaner will keep them looking like new. Regular cleaning, using the right tools, and avoiding harsh chemicals are crucial to maintain their luster and extend their durability.

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