As a company that provides flooring in Burnaby, the team at BC Floors knows that trends come and go. And as of 2019, cork flooring has arrived.


Cork flooring has been around for decades, but as a green resource, it’s recently come into its own in a major way. Harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber), raw materials are ground up and compressed before being pressed into sheets. Then they are bonded by high-quality resins for the soft, cushiony surface that has made it such a hit in homes.


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Cork offers a completely different feeling from wood or vinyl. It cushions the feet, making it an excellent choice for high traffic areas. As a softer material, it provides marginal padding during a fall, which makes it an excellent choice for homes with children or older adults.


As a wonderful insulator, cork effectively buffers noise. For apartments and stacked townhouses, it reduces the sound being transmitted from floor to floor. For strata style units that discourage wood flooring, cork can be a wonderful compromise that offers the beauty of wood and the benefits of carpet. It even works to reduce heating bills as the same qualities that work to buffer sound reduce the transmission of heat from inside the home.


Just like hardwood floors, cork can periodically be refinished. In other words, small imperfections can be sanded away. It’s hypoallergenic and even contains antimicrobial properties thanks to a waxy substance called suberin, which naturally repels small vermin and insects.


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Perhaps the biggest benefit of cork is that it’s a green choice—it’s a naturally occurring and easily replenished resource that can be harvested without harming the tree. At the end of its life, cork is biodegradable and breaks down easily, returning to the earth.


For homes and businesses considering cork flooring, installation is relatively simple. Available in planks, tiles, sheets, or squares, methods include glue down, nail down, and interlocking (floating). The installation professionals at BC Floors will provide recommendations based on the style of your home and personal preferences.


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BC Floors offers a wide selection of cork floors in both natural and stained designs. Brands include Teragreen, Allwood, Armstrong, Mohawk, Kraus, Beaulieu, Shaw, EuroCork, CorkArt, etc. To learn more about cork floors or see the selection, visit our Burnaby showroom at 103 – 3728 North Fraser Way, Burnaby.

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