Cork Flooring: A Natural, Sustainable Choice

Tired of cold, hard floors? Looking for an eco-friendly flooring option? Cork floor tiles just might be the perfect solution. This warm, soft flooring made from renewable cork oak trees is quickly growing in popularity thanks to its sustainability, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

What Makes Cork So Great?

Unlike stone, tile, vinyl, or even hardwood, cork offers some clear advantages:

  1. Renewable & Responsibly Harvested — The bark is harvested by hand every 9 years without harming the trees, making cork completely sustainable. The forests support biodiversity too!
  2. Natural Material — Made purely from cork bark bonded with natural resins, cork contains zero synthetics, adhesives or chemicals.
  3. Durable & Resilient — The cellular structure makes cork tough and shock absorbent. Properly installed, it can last for decades of footsteps and fun.
  4. Resists Moisture & Mould — Cork’s waxy suberin substance naturally repels liquids and moisture. No warping or discolouring here!
  5. Insulates Temperature & Noise — Cork’s closed-cell structure insulates against heat/cold exceptionally well and helps block sounds.
  6. Comfortable & Ergonomic — The flexibility feels great underfoot and provides padded support. Perfection for playrooms!
  7. Sustainably Certified — Organizations like FSC and GreenGuard certify cork as an eco-friendly product.
  8. Stylish & Unique — Choose from various textures, patterns and colours. The natural variations give real character.


Different Cork Flooring Options

Different Cork Flooring Options

Cork flooring comes in tiles, planks, underlayment, floating click-together floors, and traditional glue-down tiles/sheets. Each works best in certain spaces:

  1. Interlocking cork tiles are perfect for playrooms or craft rooms, since they allow custom designs and easy repairs.
  2. Long cork planks with click-lock systems create a stylish hardwood floor look while being softer and warmer.
  3. Thin underlayment can provide sound insulation and comfort when installed beneath existing floors.
  4. Floating click-together floors are a breeze to install and ideal for concrete subfloors or rooms prone to moisture.
  5. For a seamless, smooth look, glue-down cork sheets or tiles applied directly to the subfloor are the way to go.


Cork floor tiles give you style, comfort, and peace of mind knowing your floors are sustainably sourced. It’s the ideal natural flooring for any home, apartment, or business seeking an eco-friendly floor-covering solution. Your feet will thank you!

Installing & Caring For Your Cork Floors

While cork flooring is incredibly durable, it does require some special care during installation and maintenance. But don’t worry, it’s still an easy-going, low-maintenance floor!

Before installation, the cork planks or tiles need to acclimatize to their new home’s humidity and temperature levels. This takes 1–2 weeks, so just let them hang out before getting them underfoot. The subfloor also needs to be clean, level and dry as a bone before installation — a moisture barrier may be required for concrete slabs.

When it comes to actually installing cork, stick to manufacturer-recommended water-based adhesives only. Those harsh solvent-based glues are a no-go. Once installed, a few thin coats of water-based polyurethane will help seal and protect those floors. For cleaning, cork is a dream! Just give it a regular once-over with a damp mop — no harsh cleaners are needed. Avoid excessive water though, as cork doesn’t love puddles.

Cork Catching On In Burnaby

As flooring experts in Burnaby, the team at BC Floors has seen cork flooring explode in popularity lately. This stylish, sustainable option seemed to arrive virtually overnight as the new “It” floor.

To be fair, cork has been around for ages as a smart green flooring alternative. But it’s come into its own recently as homeowners pursue more eco-conscious renovations. After all, what’s not to love about a renewable resource harvested by hand without harming trees?

Beyond its feel-good environmental story, cork ticks so many boxes for modern homeowners. Its cushiony softness provides unexpected comfort underfoot, taking some harsh impacts off knees and joints. It’s a quiet, insulating surface that helps dampen noises. And let’s not forget its natural warmth and character from those beautiful variations in the cork pattern!

Cork Floors Catching On In Burnaby

Final Thoughts

Whether you want interlocking tiles, long planks, a floating floor or even just a cork underlayment, there’s an option for every room and installation need. Cork floor tiles have truly earned its moment in the spotlight as the sustainable star of floors. With some basic care and maintenance, your cork floors will look amazing for years. And if some spots get damaged along the way, you can simply refinish the surface by sanding away any imperfections — just like hardwood!

From its manufacturing process to its longevity and biodegradability, cork is an all-around green choice for flooring. No wonder the material is surging in popularity at BC Floors and beyond! Come explore our huge selection of cork floors and let your conscience feel as good as your feet.

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