Carpet for Corporate Spaces: Is It Worth It? How to Choose the Best Options?

To create a work environment with comfort, safety and sophistication, the use of carpet in corporate spaces is a classic. And classics are independent of the fashion of the moment – they are safe and timeless options. In addition to all this, the carpet still offers acoustic insulation and more safety when walking, reducing the chance of falls – two very welcome features in companies.

So, how to choose? Of course, it is always interesting to keep an eye on technological innovations and industry news to choose the best options for each case. Therefore, to help those who would like to have carpet installed in a corporate space, we have prepared this article with some practical tips.

Carpet for Corporate Spaces

For starters, the main difference between corporate and residential spaces in this case is the flow of people. In a company, it is quite likely that people’s flow is much more intense than in a residence, for example. Therefore, in general, the materials indicated for businesses buildings are synthetic fiber carpets. This type of material is usually stronger and more durable.

Is It Worth It?

Yes! If you are still in doubt about what type of flooring you would like in your company, you can contact us at BC Floors – we specialize in a number of materials and brands and we can answer your questions and help you find the best optio. And if you are already almost convinced to choose carpet, here are some advantages:

1. Functionality

This is a very important element when choosing flooring for a business environment. In this case, carpet tiles are the best option. When cleaning and maintaining the carpet, it is possible to remove the affected piece and replace it (if necessary) without changing the material configuration in the space. We’ve talked about it a bit in this article.

2. Temperature

We already mentioned the advantage of synthetic fiber carpets when it comes to durability, right? This type of material also helps to keep the room pleasant, as it contributes to maintaining the temperature. The surface and base of the carpet act as thermal insulators, which even impacts the electricity bill – there is a reduction in energy consumption in air-conditioned spaces.

3. Antiallergic

Carpets aimed at spaces that receive a high flow of people that are cleaned frequently – in a professional and also daily way – do prevent the proliferation of microorganisms that can cause respiratory diseases. For this, just vacuum the place weekly, avoid water and maintain a frequency of professional cleaning.

4. Acoustic Comfort

The soundproofing effect is very important for corporate environments, and carpet helps to muffle sounds, transforming meeting rooms and offices into quieter spaces. This makes impact noise in traffic areas reduced by almost 10 times compared to a ceramic tile.

5. Colors and textures

It is possible to find carpets in the market with different types of textures, from the softest to the roughest. For indoor spaces, you can choose softer ones, which improve the quality of the room and the walking conditions, reducing fatigue when walking.

Many companies also choose on weft textures, so that the warmth provided by the piece fills the space. Some models also explore design and anti-static technology, which provides even more comfort.

With a variety of materials such as wool, nylon and polyester, there are options with graphic and balanced movement, vibrant colors and different shapes, where you can create a current and cool composition in your workplace yourself.

Carpets in Vancouver

If you are in Vancouver and would like to see what carpet options are available on the market today, please contact us. We can help you by presenting our catalog, as we work with the best options available today, as well as installation. Ask for a free quote.

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