What is the best flooring option for homes with pets in Vancouver? See suggestions

If you have a pet and are building or renovating, you have certainly wondered if you have an ideal floor for this case. After all, you don’t want a product that will harm your pet or last a short time, right? So, read this article until the end and we tell you all about the main types of floorings to help you choose the best one for your home and to your pets.

Laminate floors: More Coziness

Laminate floors are known for easy installation and practical cleaning. They do not accumulate dirt easily and make the environment warmer and more comfortable. If your pet is trained and is already used to making its needs in the garden, this can be a good option to make the room cozy for the whole family. However, if this is not the case, frequent maintenance and agitated play by your pet can affect the durability and appearance of the floor, which is less resistant to water and scratches.

Vinyl floors: Comfort and Resistance

If your pet is the messiest type and requires more maintenance, vinyl floors are a great option to consider. Much like laminates, they still have the advantage of not echoing the noise of paws and games – which can be a plus if you live in an apartment and have neighbors downstairs.

Vinyl floors are also more resistant to water than laminates, but still require care to ensure the durability of the product. It is important to pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations and consider whether this is the best option for your pet.

Porcelain tiles: Less risk of staining

Is your pet large, agitated and difficult to train? The best choice may be porcelain tiles. This is the most resistant coating option, both for constant washing and for playing and running, as well as being less porous (and therefore less at risk of staining). When defining the type, prefer the ones with satin and rectified finish, which slips less and accumulates less dirt. It is worth remembering that porcelain tiles, as well as ceramic floors, are colder floorings, depending on the environment in which they are installed.

Bamboo floorings: A lot of resistance

Another good option for large pets is the bamboo floor, since this is considered one of the hardest and most durable materials. In addition, it is a great option for those looking for traditional wood-looking floors.

After all, what is the best flooring option for homes with pets?

As you can see, it is difficult to say what is right or wrong when choosing the best floor for homes with pets. The truth is that it depends a lot on how your pet is: if it is a dog or cat, messy or more relaxed, big or small.

Therefore, the best choice is to talk to a specialist and count on the help of our team to define the best flooring for your needs and tastes. Talk to us by email – info@bcfloors.ca – or by phone 604-239-5500.

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