Seven Reasons to Choose Vinyl Flooring in Your Home

Made with PVC and with hundreds of patterns that imitate natural wood, from color to texture and grooves, vinyl floors are gaining more and more space in interior decoration. If before they were almost restricted to corporate buildings, now they are being used more and more in residential projects. After all, it is a practical, versatile, elegant and cost-effective flooring.

Are you in doubt whether to invest in this type of flooring or not? Below we list seven reasons to use vinyl flooring at your home.

Vinyl Flooring – Installation

Installation can be done over the existing flooring, as long as it is level and free from moisture. The vinyl flooring can be glued or fitted and in both cases, they guarantee a quick, practical and dirt-free installation.

Water Resistant

Vinyl flooring is water resistant – that’s why it can also be applied in damp environments, such as kitchens or washrooms, for example. But it is important to remember that even so, cleaning this type of floor should be done with a damp cloth and neutral detergent, without water in abundance.

Easy Cleaning

There are vinyl flooring options that are resistant to stains, scratches, termites, bacteria, among others. Which makes cleaning so much easier and faster. To clean, just vacuum or clean with a broom and wipe with a damp cloth with water or a little neutral detergent.


Vinyl floors make environments much more pleasant and comfortable. In general, they are very quiet and also keep the temperature pleasant for those who like to go barefoot.


As much as this coating is more associated with the floor, it is worth remembering that it can also be applied to the wall. It is a great option to decorate headboards, home theaters or simply have a beautiful and cozy decoration.


Vinyl floors have hundreds of patterns, colors and textures available on the market, especially patterns that mimic the look of natural wood. Therefore, it is always possible to find the flooring option that best matches the decor and style.


This is a type of non-slip flooring. So it is great for homes with seniors and children. It is also suitable for houses with pets, as in addition to being easy to clean, the textured options allow your pet to run and play without slipping and without disturbing the neighborhood, due to the acoustic properties.

Vancouver Vinyl Flooring

BC Floors works with a huge variety of vinyl floors – in plank, tiles and sheet, for example. If you liked the above arguments and believe that this type of flooring is ideal for your property, please contact us. We can help you choose the best options and make the installation the best possible way.

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