Guide: How to Choose the Ideal Hardwood Floors

The floor is one of the main choices in a house and wood is one of people’s favorite options. But, before applying a coating, it is necessary to think about several aspects that involve this choice – from aesthetics to care and maintenance. With that in mind, we’ve put together a complete hardwood floor guide. Check it out below.

Types of Hardwood Floors

There are many species of wood that are used in the manufacture of floors, among the most common are oak, ivory, peroba and teak, for example. And wood is used to make a number of different types of floors, such as:

* Solid: composed of entire solid wood planks;

* Multistratum: made up of small crossed solid wood sticks selected by color. This technique guarantees stability at the base of the floor, preventing the opening of cracks and warping.

* Multi-structured: with a structure composed of sheets of tropical and reforestation woods crossed with each other as a base. This structure is covered with a noble wood cover and receives layers of varnish and application of aluminum oxide. In it, resistance is high and protection and shine are greater.

* Multilaminate: which is based on a structure composed of sheets of tropical and reforestation woods crossed with each other, covered with a thinner noble wood layer (this one does not allow revitalization).

* Deck: entirely solid and recommended for outdoor areas.

How to Choose Types of Hardwood Floors

As there are several species of wood, the options on the market are many and some products have certain variations in size, thickness, width, application, fixation and even manufacturing.

To choose the best type and size, it is necessary, first of all, to analyze whether the product will be in all spaces or in just some rooms. Pay attention to the issue of the traffic of people. Does the area where you would like to have wooden flooring have high or low traffic?

This is because a choice can be made regarding the hardness of each species of wood. If it is a high traffic area, a darker floor is recommended. When choosing, the rule applies: the lighter the wood, the softer. The darker it is, the harder it is.

Wet Areas

Also, another factor to consider is whether the area is wet. Solid wood floors are not suitable for bathrooms or laundry rooms, for example. Unless you use a floor that is suitable for outdoor areas, such as the deck type, it is better to choose another type of coating. If your idea was to use a wood-looking floor in these areas of the house, you can opt for a ceramic floor, for example, which works better.

Wooden floors should not be washed, as excess moisture impairs the appearance and durability of the product.


When cleaning wooden floors, prefer a soft-bristled broom or a lightly dampened cloth. Cleaning can be done daily, but the coating should never be waxed. As for durability, a well-maintained hardwood floor can last for decades. For this to be possible, it is also interesting to do professional maintenance, as discussed here

It is also recommended to always leave a rug at the entrance to prevent dirt on your shoes from scratching the floor, avoid wheelchairs, suitcases and dragging furniture.

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