Does My Hardwood Floors Need Maintenance? Check Out Some Tips

Hardwood floors are widely admired for their strength, elegance and the characteristic beauty that each type of wood offers. However, it must not be forgotten that this is a natural material that, no matter how durable and resistant it may be, needs some specific care to prolong its aesthetic attractiveness and its useful life. Stains, scratches, mold and other impact marks are some of the problems that hardwood floors are exposed to. Because of that, check out some tips to recover and clean these precious and admired floors.

Hardwood Floors Maintenance Tips

Scraping Wooden Floors

Hardwood floors, over the years, retain some marks on their surface. This happens because of objects that fall, furniture that is dragged and even because of people’s footsteps. When that happens, there is no way out: from time to time, it is necessary to scrape the floor so that it regains its initial appearance. In addition to scraping, it is necessary to level the floors so that they are all aligned. Loose or heavily damaged parts must be replaced.

This flooring maintenance can be carried out every few years – it depends a lot on how the floor is used. Places with a high flow of people, for example, may require a shorter interval between maintenance. So it’s interesting to have a trustworthy company that can help you with the evaluation of your floor – we at Vancouver BC Floors can help you with both the installation, evaluation and maintenance of your floor.

Next Steps for Flooring Care

After scraping, when the entire floor has been freed from permanent marks and acquired a more uniform appearance, it is time to receive finishes that preserve it. In general, waterproof varnish or resins are applied, depending on the type of flooring. These substances tend not to leave a strong smell and have quick drying. This way, the floor looks better and lasts much longer until the next flooring maintenance.

Hardwood Floors Daily Cleaning

Generally speaking, hardwood floorings do not handle moisture very well, so very wet rags or buckets of water are not recommended. If drying is compromised, the wood can mold. Therefore, the tip is to use dry cloths, a vacuum cleaner or brooms (soft ones, so as not to scratch the surface) for the most common cleaning. As for cleaning products, do not use detergents, bleaches, alcohol, kerosene and solvents, as they can damage the finishes. Always use only specific products for wood flooring maintenance.

Hardwood Flooring Prevention

As the saying goes, “better to be safe than sorry,”. So, try to take care of the hardwood floor to prevent stains and scratches from damaging it. We have already mentioned that moisture is not very wood friendly. In addition, sunlight hitting indoors can also wear it out. Therefore, try to avoid this type of exposure with curtains or other types of blocking.

To avoid shoe marks, especially high heels, place mats over areas of greatest circulation. Another important tip is not to drag furniture when cleaning. Even swivel chairs can also be quite harmful to the floor surface. Thus, placing the furniture feet on rugs or on some other type of support, such as pieces of felt or rubber, is also an effective measure to avoid scratches and preserve the floors.

By taking good care of them, it is possible to prevent damage to their surface and prolong their useful life. By following the above tips, it’s easier to keep your rooms elegant, with hardwood floorings that are unparalleled in beauty.

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