Engineered Wood Flooring for Bathrooms. Bathroom Hardwood


If you have always wanted to get engineered wood flooring for bathrooms, and flooring experts kept warning you against such a decision, with a new joint-and-locking system, you are free to do so.

wood floor for bathroomHuma, based in Germany, invented this new plastic-based joint-and-locking system that prevents water from seeping between floor boards. The surface of the flooring is covered with one layer of elastic polyurethane and one layer of UV acrylate. So there is no chance for any moisture damage. This hardwood flooring will be an amazing solution for kitchens, bathrooms and saunas.

At present the flooring is engineered oak only, but it comes in a good variety of colours, such as: red, mint, blue, gray, yellow, natural, brown and black. It is not available yet in United States and Canada, but Huma is working on it.

Hopefully, the new revolutionary hardwood flooring will be introduced to Vancouver homeowners very soon. For now, we offer some other great flooring solutions for bathrooms and kitchens in Vancouver, including traditional ceramic tiles, vinyl planks, etc. Hana Hardwood floor prices start from $11.99 per sq.ft. That hardwood flooring cost is the way too high, you can buy a very decent hardwood floor in the range of $5.99 – $8.99 sq.

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