How to Choose the Ideal Carpet? Check Out the Tips in This Complete Guide

When talking about carpet flooring, in general, the main factors that are taken into account when making a decision are prices, available colors, in which rooms it will be applied, cleaning and maintenance frequency, right? It turns out that there are other factors to be taken into account, such as the type of carpet (broadloom or tile) and even the fiber material. All this impacts the final look of the room, the frequency of maintenance and, of course, the warmth that the material can provide that space.

So, if you are thinking about choosing carpet as a flooring for a property – whether residential or commercial – keep reading to better understand the differences in types and materials.

Broadloom or Tile Carpet?

To begin with, it is important to explain that the two main types of carpet available on the market are broadloom and tile. In the first option, the carpet comes in wide rolls – the installation is done on a carpet pad that goes on top of the floor substrate. In this case, professionals install the flooring in strips, cutting smaller pieces to make the fittings when necessary.

Tile carpet, as the name implies, comes in predetermined sized tiles – like a ceramic floor, for example. This type of carpet already comes with a base, so it is installed directly on the floor substrate.

How to Choose the Ideal Carpet? What Are the Differences?

Both types of carpet have their advantages and disadvantages. Broadloom carpet is often the most common one – and it’s usually the cheaper. In addition, it is also a type of carpet that hides light imperfections in the floor (since you will need to have a carpet mat installed before the carpet itself). As there are fewer divisions between the parts, the final result is also more uniform.

This type of carpet comes in a wide variety of tones, textures and even prints, especially large ones, such as mosaics, for example. On the other hand, as it is a roll coating, it can generate more waste due to the cuts to cover the entire surface. Another negative point is related to maintenance: if you damage a part of the carpet, it will probably be necessary to redo a large part of the floor.

If the carpet was tile, for example, you could change only that specific tile. Another advantage is the fact that the installation of this type of flooring is easier and faster, since the boards are already ready to be applied on the floor substrate.

This type of carpet is also available in a range of colors and prints – as the pieces are smaller, you can play around with different designs and textures. On the other hand, the divisions between one tile and another are more evident.

And the Carpet Materials?

There is a wide range of materials used to make carpets. It is essential to pay attention to the characteristics of the place where the carpet will be used, as well as the maintenance routine before choosing which type of carpet to use. Check out the characteristics of the main types of carpets:

  • Nylon carpet: nylon fibers are resistant to wear and mildew. The product also has a good lifespan and resilience to the weight of furniture. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colors. For these reasons, nylon carpets are among the most popular on the market – they are among the most suitable for spaces with intense flow of people.
  • Polypropylene carpet: the use of this type of carpet as interior upholstery is increasingly common. Stain resistance and ease of maintenance are among the main advantages of the product. Its use is indicated for areas of intense traffic and rooms susceptible to damage by stains such as the children’s room.
  • Polyester carpet: the soft touch combined with good resilience are the strengths of polyester carpets. The material also has anti-allergic properties, as it inhibits the formation of mold.
  • Wool carpet: for those who prefer natural fiber options, wool carpets can be the ideal options. This is a type of flooring that can be more susceptible to stains – on the other hand, the material helps to absorb moisture from the air, making the atmosphere more pleasant.

Carpets in Vancouver

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