What are the most suitable floorings for the outdoor area?

Gather family and friends, have a party, relax by the pool, finish reading on the porch, breathe the fresh air of the garden. No wonder that the outdoor area of ​​the house is one of the darlings of many people, always associated with moments of relaxation and rest. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to it, investing in quality material from the beginning of the work or renovation.

As well as indoor environments, the outdoor area also needs adequate floorings, considering its own characteristics. In addition to the appearance, which asks for a more natural appearance, it is necessary to take into account that the material will be exposed to the sun, heat, rain, cold and even the sea, requiring greater resistance and durability.

Floorings for outdoor areas

Whether on the balcony, pool or barbecue, the goal is the same: to combine beauty and functionality in peaceful and leisure spaces. Check below the most suitable types of flooring for each of them.

1. Porcelain

Porcelain tile is one of the best floorings for the outdoor area, offering good color uniformity, high resistance and low water absorption. Precisely because it is practically waterproof, it is essential to remember to add a drain to the installation, so that the water has a place to go.

Another advantage of the porcelain tile is its ease of cleaning, taking into account that the grout between the pieces has a smaller space, accumulating less slime. Among so many options, surfaces with a natural (unpolished) and rustic appearance are the most suitable, due to their non-slip texture that prevents slippery floors, providing more safety.

In addition, there is no shortage of colors and designs to harmonize with the most diverse spaces and decor styles. The porcelain tile that reproduces the wooden deck, for example, is ideal to apply around the pool and even to combine with the green of the garden.

2. Ceramics

Ceramics can also be used outdoors, both on walls and on the floor. The material is versatile, durable and, like porcelain, must have a friction coefficient greater than 0.4 to be considered non-slip, even wet.

3. Natural stones

Natural stones are an interesting option for those who like projects with a more rustic feel. They provide thermal comfort and are very versatile, combining different formats, colors, designs and layouts. Marbles and granites, for example, can appear indoors, but with a non-slip texture it is also possible to use them outdoors.

4. Wood

Natural wood decks are versatile, match a variety of design styles, and provide a lot of warmth when used on balconies. With greater durability, they can be used alone or in compositions with other types of coatings, such as natural stones, marble and porcelain.

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