Vancouver store flooring – how do I choose the best option for mine?

Are you going to open a store or are you renovating yours? Are you in doubt about which floor would be ideal for your case? So keep reading this post – we’ll answer some of the main questions surrounding this decision in it.

For starters, of course, for any spaces, be it residential or commercial, everyone wants the best cost-effective option. But when we talk about stores, this is even more important. This is because this is a space with high circulation of people. And that’s where people come in with shopping carts, baby carriages, wheelchairs, delivery or product replacement carts…

Therefore, the ideal is that the chosen floorings should at least have long durability, be easy to clean and provide security for passersby. But how to know the ideal floor for a store?

Flooring for stores – what to consider

Before we talk about floor types, it’s interesting that you keep in mind some important topics, such as:

1. Maintenance:

it is very likely that the floor chosen for commercial architecture, after a while, presents problems, such as the breakage of a piece, for example. Therefore, choose one that is easy to maintain and allows for quick change, without having to close the shop for floor repairs and without compromising the entire structure.


yes, your choice of flooring also communicates something to your customers. If you have a medical supply store, for example, choosing a light floor conveys this message of cleanliness and practicality. If it’s a clothing store, a hardwood (or wooden-looking) floor conveys the image of coziness.


choose something that matches your brand’s visual identity. Also, be aware that light floors reflect light more and, consequently, help in store lighting, although they need to be cleaned more often. On the contrary, dark floors do not reflect light, making more elaborate lighting necessary.

Best options

Today, there are a number of options on the market that can be good choices for stores. Here are some of the following:

*Ceramics and porcelain: they are very common and practical options, they work well in stores. But it’s important to say that they need to be checked frequently in high-circulation environments – to see if there are no broken or cracked parts.

*Vinyl flooring: great option for those who want different colors, as it has a good range of tones. There are plank and tile options – these are even highly recommended for high circulation areas, as they can last up to 20 years.

*Bamboo: Bamboo floors are considered to be very durable and are a great choice for those looking for a wooden look. In addition, there is also a good range of tones – from lighter to dark carbonized tones.

*Hardwood: if you are a fan of hardwood floors, know that it is possible to install it in a store. But in this case, this would be a material more suitable for smaller spaces, with less circulation of people or machines – that’s because despite bringing the cozy air that many people love, wooden floors can easily scratch depending on the environment.

Flooring for stores in Vancouver

And if you still have questions or would like to have any suggestion of flooring to install in your store, please contact us. We have a specialized team able to help you make the best decision and still install and maintain it in the most professional way possible. Request a free quote by clicking here.

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