Vancouver Laminate flooring supply and installation

Choosing carefully the right type of flooring is one of the most important investments for dwellers in Vancouver.

Laminate flooring and engineered laminate flooring show superb long term characteristics.

In today’s market conditions, it is of outmost importance that consumers are well aware of cost to value ratio and make wise choices when furnishing their homes. Low-maintenance and durable Laminate Flooring in Vancouver is today’s most affordable choice when considering the flooring for residents’ home. Let’s examine most important points for this decision: the laminate is practically indestructible; it offers the appearances and consistencies of genuine wood; and costs a fraction of the real one. Moreover, the practical fastening system makes laminate flooring an optimal choice for the contractors, considering time and investment needed.


Laminate elements are assembled with controlled pressure and temperature, and there are four major constituents: impact resistant overlay, decorative paper overlay, high density fiberboard, and the melamine backer layer. Our Laminate Flooring products are superior materials that contain new properties which surpass the sum of the individual functions of the components, previously fitted.

Vancouver laminate flooring

However, the highlight of laminate flooring is that it offers a spotless and germ-free surface without dirt or bacteria, such as the case in other types of flooring which could be found for the same range of prices. Moreover, as an environmentally friendly, the laminate flooring represents perfect solution for ecologically aware customers, who want nature friendly materials used in their homes. It is actually manufactured mainly from recycled wood fibers, saving the natural forests as planet’s key resource for rejuvenation.


Due to today’s innovative printing equipment, manufacturers are able to offer and replicate any colour and pattern of the natural wood flooring. Real hardwood always looks like the best laminate flooring, and the vice versa. For example, layer of Décor printed in high definition will give more realistic appearance on the laminate flooring, so make sure to always choose the laminate flooring produced with HD printing technology.

We offer a wide variety of laminate flooring products in Vancouver and Greater Vancouver area. We have a great solution for any customer in terms of brands, styles, finishes, colours and price.

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