Stairs: Hardwood Flooring Solutions by BC Floors

Stairs: Hardwood Flooring Solutions by BC Floors


When the floors of your home are filled with beautiful, elegant hardwood, leaving carpeting on the steps can ruin the aesthetic. But when the edge of the flooring leads to steps, a staircase, or a sunken room, it opens up a whole new consideration about choosing a suitable Vancouver flooring company.


It’s a little known fact in the flooring world, but there are many companies that do not offer nosing or stair threads, which are fundamental to installing hardwood flooring on stairs. If the company you choose does not provide these services, you may need to look for different providers. What this means is that colour, sheen levels, and other elements of the flooring may not match, disrupting the flow of space around the home.


To avoid this, it’s necessary to hire a company that can complete every aspect of a stair’s hardwood flooring installation, including the tricky bits like where the wood interacts with elements like railings, landings and walls. Working with an inexperienced company can potentially lead to poor quality work, disruptions in workflow, or even a botched installation.


At BC Floors, our services include the supply and installation of wood flooring types, including solid pre-finished, raw solid hardwood flooring, custom parquet, pre-finished and unfinished engineered hardwood. We also provide custom finished on-site extensions to existing hardwood floor areas and refinishing services, which include sanding, staining and polishing.

Hardwood Stairs Flooring Company in Vancouver

Solid hardwood flooring is a distinct material which brings style and warmth to any space. At BC Floors, our hardwood flooring experts help homeowners, building craftsmen, and designers achieve the desired look from top to bottom through performance that meets flooring industry standards and National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) requirements.


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