Solid Hardwood Floors Vancouver: Three Emerging Trends for 2019

Solid hardwood floors are a terrific option for those targeting environmentally-friendly flooring for the home and office. Genuine hardwood floors offer long term use while imbuing spaces with a classic beauty that fits the minimalist mindset dominating interior design in 2019.

As providers of hardwood flooring in Vancouver, the specialists at BC Floors have noticed that the objective of creating minimalist spaces resulted in three trends in the world of flooring.


Natural Colors

While espresso hues were once all the rage, 2019 has paved the way for softer, more natural looks that range from ethereal grey to soft white, cream, and taupe. If brown is a must, more customers are veering towards elegant stains of chocolate and mocha allow the character of the grain to show, enhancing the beauty and authenticity of the floor.


Luxurious Textures

To compliment soft, soothing upholsteries like cotton and linen, many people are opting for smoother textures in flooring as well. The heavy, grooved textures of old hardwood flooring have been replaced by softly sculpted and brushed floors, which better match the peace and tranquillity of minimalist décor.


Matte Finishes

For finishing, smooth hardwood surfaces are being paired with low gloss finishes for a look that’s natural and authentic, but also polished. Gloss gives floors a touchable, warm feeling while adding a stylish sophistication. Additionally, low sheen floors are better at camouflaging marks, scuffs, and scratches, as well as the dust and debris that naturally appear over the course of everyday life.


As providers of quality hardwood floors in Vancouver, the specialists at BC Floors can support those striving to achieve easy living and tasteful design through the installation of stunning, solid pre-finished, raw solid hardwood flooring and custom parquet. Each of these selections offers stunning options and tasteful designs—with elegant colours and rich fluid grain that have made hardwood flooring a perennial favourite in the design world.


Whatever your objectives, the specialists at BC Floors will help you make insightful choices that enhance décor while providing professionalism and expertise that meet the highest expectations. For mutual peace of mind, we are fully insured and certified. Request a free no-obligation quote to get started today.

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