5 On Point Questions to Ask a Flooring Contractor

Installing a floor is part of investing in your home. As such, hiring a good contractor (someone you trust) is essential for peace of mind. While referrals are always valuable, cost has to be considered as well. Generally, securing three quotes is considered good practice, but these can range wildly depending on the contractors. To ensure you’re working with a flooring contractor who delivers craftsmanship and value, the team at BC Floors in Vancouver has compiled a list of questions to help you identify trustworthy professionals.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

A flooring contractor that’s not legal could leave you on the hook for damages. Accidents happen. Materials can break or property can be damaged. A company that’s licensed and insured indicates that you’re working with a reputable business. More importantly, there are contingencies in place for when things go wrong. For example, BC Floors carries a minimum of $5M in liability coverage.

2. Do you have any customer reviews?

This is a basic practice that’s often overlooked. A good business should have at least three positive reviews they can provide, along with a list of businesses that have used their services. However, it’s always advisable to check Google Reviews for a well-rounded and unbiased appraisal of a business’s products and services.

3. Do you have worker’s compensation?

An accident on the job could leave you liable for workers’ injuries and time off work. All technicians at BC Floors are insured (WCB).

4. How long will the job take?

Sometimes the installation isn’t the issue—it’s how long it takes for a company to get to it. Many building renovation projects hinge around careful scheduling. You can make sure a flooring contractor in Vancouver can provide a reasonable frame for project completion before hiring them.

5. How is clean-up managed?

There’s nothing more annoying than being left with a pile of dirt and debris after an installation. Hiring a flooring contractor who handles the dust and mess can streamline your project and eliminate headaches. It might seem obvious, but not all flooring contractors do this, so make sure to ask and plan ahead if necessary.

Every flooring contractor at BC Floors in Vancouver is a professional who combines craftsmanship and artistry. We have the experience, resources, and personnel to complete your project in a timely and cost-effective way. To learn more, contact 604-239-5500 or info@bcfloors.ca.

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