Is It Time to Change the Carpet? See Factors That May Indicate That It Is

Carpet is one of the most used types of flooring – whether corporate or residential spaces, specially in regions with lower temperatures. That’s because it is a great option to offer thermal comfort to the rooms, as well as helping with acoustic insulation. But like any other type of material, it has a lifespan that determines when it needs to be replaced. Considering this, how do you know the right time to change carpets?

How to Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

Of course, the quality of the carpet is a key factor in prolonging its life. But it is also necessary to keep in mind that 50% of the life of this type of coating depends on your care routine. This means that, yes, daily cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is necessary, but it is also necessary to count on the help of carpet cleaning professionals.

Therefore, especially in areas with high turnover of people, invest in periodic carpet professional cleaning and preventive maintenance. Maintenance will help you solve issues such as bumps, folds and damage caused by vacuum cleaners, water and moth damages. If you are in the Vancouver area, BC Floors does this type of maintenance and can help you with your needs in both corporate and residential spaces.

Maintenance, when performed periodically, saves you from having to change the entire flooring at once. That’s because if you wait too long to do it, the damage can be permanent and you’ll spend a lot more on replacing the floor.

But How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace It?

Well, you already know that this answer depends on the quality of the material and the daily and professional care, right? Because of this, it’s impossible to have a standard answer – but, on average, they usually last ten years. Anyway, if the carpet in your home or office already has a few good years of life, be aware of these signs:

1. It Is Difficult to Remove Stains

Even with periodic carpet professional cleaning, the stains don’t come out? Have you tried all the products that promise to remove blemishes and no longer see results? So maybe your carpet has reached the end of its life.

2. Flat Carpets

Over the years, carpet fibers lose their softness – this is normal and happens especially in areas where there is a greater flow of people. In addition, it can also happen that some bristles come off, leaving the flooring flawed. In these cases, it is better to replace the carpet.

3. You Are Sneezing More

Carpet is a type of floor that accumulates a lot of dust, pet hair and others – on the one hand, this is good, as it prevents these particles from being suspended in the air. This is exactly why the indication of carpet care involves vacuuming it frequently. However, over the years, these particles can start to lodge in the base of the carpet, where they are hardly reached by the common vacuum cleaner. And this buildup can lead to increased respiratory allergy symptoms. If even professional cleaning and maintenance is no longer working, it’s time for a change.

Okay, I Need a New Carpets – Vancouver Carpet Installation Company

If you’ve read this article and come to that conclusion to replace your carpets, contact us at BC Floors. We sell and install the best carpet brands on the market. In addition, we also have carpet professionals trained to take care of the maintenance of your carpet after installation. To contact us, click here

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