Hardwood or Laminate Flooring? How To Make The Best Choice For Your Home

Wood flooring is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a flooring that adapts to various decorative styles. It is a type of material that gives beauty and warmth to spaces in addition to having several advantages, the main one being the fast and easy installation. If you are thinking of installing a floor like this in your home, you certainly have some doubts about which type to choose, right? Today we help you with this task and we will show you the differences between the hardwood floor and the laminate floor. Follow the article and decide which one is the right option for you.

Laminate flooring vs. hardwood

The laminate floor is a type of covering in the form of resistant sheets with the appearance similar to various types of wood. It consists of boards composed of high density fiberboard or HDF agglomerate (High Density Fiberboard). It is a resistant material due to the process it receives as a final finish known as an overlay that consists of the application of a protective resin on the blades.

The hardwood floor is made of natural wood. It preserves the unique texture and natural look of the wood. And it can consist of solid wooden planks cut in a single piece or a combination with a wooden base covered by a solid sawn wood lamella.

How to Choose?

Laminate flooring is highly resistant to scratches, fading and moisture damage. In addition, assembly is quick and easy – and maintenance is also simpler.

Hardwood floors are too fast and easy to assemble, but they have a different texture. The floor has a completely natural wooden look, with its unique veins. In addition, this type of floor can be sanded and varnished, which allows complete restoration when necessary, unlike laminate flooring.

In contrast, hardwood floors are more susceptible to scratches and fading, as well as being more easily affected by humidity.

Flooring Installation

The laminate floor is installed through a system known as floating, they can be applied on top of a subfloor or other coating that is firm and level. The placement is done through a fitting system, over a thermo-acoustic polyethylene blanket that has the purpose of protecting the floor and avoiding noise. The hardwood floor, on the other hand, must be installed on a firm base, level and free from moisture and infiltration. Like the laminate floor, the hardwood floor can be found with the fitting system or be installed on a wooden structure, glued or nailed to the subfloor.

Both options are suitable for internal areas of the buildings, but be aware of damp areas, which can pose greater danger to hardwood floors.

How to choose?

The decision is not easy, both coatings have great qualities. To choose the best option for your home, first define how much you are willing to spend on installing the floor and then analyze the conditions to which the floor will be exposed.

In a house with many family members and continuous traffic, it may be better to invest in the long-term durability of the hardwood floor, taking into account that if the material wears out, it can be restored, thus recovering its original appearance. If, on the contrary, it is a single apartment or a couple with little traffic, laminate floors represent a more economical, durable and easy to maintain option.

Flooring installations in Vancouver

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