Hardwood flooring in Vancouver: advantages and disadvantages of this type of floor

Although nowadays there is a huge variety of flooring, we cannot deny that the hardwood floor is one of the great favourites. Few materials are able to provide so much comfort, strength and insulation. However, to make a decision it is always good to be clear about the pros and cons. Yes, this wonderful flooring has good things and bad things, like everything in life.

Hardwood Flooring in Vancouver

The hardwood floor, the one used inside the houses, is made up of fine wooden pieces that are presented in a wide variety of formats. Speaking of installation systems, the most common are those fixed on slats, those that fit or are glued to a base.

Why Should I Choose Hardwood Floors?

The first advantage we found is the aesthetics of the hardwood floor. The beauty of these floors is undeniable, so it’s your first point in favour. Admittedly, there are beautiful synthetic hardwood floors that mimic the finish of hardwood, but none are 100% the same. In addition, the finish will be homogeneous, different from the shades and irregularities of the veins that natural wood offers.

In addition, the hardwood floor is a powerful thermal insulator. Wood acts as a natural insulator and protects the house from both cold and heat. Therefore, you will also have a higher performance from your heating and air conditioning systems.

Another advantage is the great comfort when stepping on. Walking barefoot on the wooden floor is a real pleasure, both in winter and summer. It is a welcoming material, which gives comfort to spaces. And it’s also a hygienic floor. Yes, the hardwood floor does not accumulate dust mites or any other potentially allergic elements. Therefore, it is a good option if we have a person with allergies at home.

Finally, we must highlight its great durability. Please note that natural wood flooring can be sanded over time. Its thickness will determine the number of times you can go through this process. Still, with proper maintenance, we have a floor that will last for many years.

On the other hand…

Without a doubt, the first disadvantage we can see is the high price. In addition, the more wood the blades have, the more expensive the floor will be. A solid wood floor will be more expensive than a laminate floor, for example. It is noteworthy that it is not the cheapest flooring on the market but it has a lot of quality and durability if cared for in the right way.

Besides, it’s a delicate floor. It lasts a long time, but that’s not to say it’s not sensitive to scratches, bumps, and moisture. There’s also the sun exposure, which can make the color fade little by little.

Finally, this is a floor that requires special maintenance. Sanding every 9 to 10 years is recommended. And this can be a nuisance, as you have to remove all the furniture from the rooms. In addition, you must use special products so as not to damage it on a daily basis.

Day to Day Caring For Hardwood Floors

  • Small things, such as placing a rug on the front door, will help you with floor maintenance, as dust or debris can scratch the wood.
  • Another interesting tip is to avoid wearing high heels indoors, as well as wet shoes on rainy days.
  • If you have furniture that is moved frequently, pad the feet with felt or rubber adhesives to avoid scratches.
  • Plenty of water should be avoided when talking about wooden floors. Therefore, try to clean liquids quickly and always prefer to clean it with proper cleaning products

Hardwood Floors in Vancouver – BC Floors Flooring Company

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