Hardwood Floor Restoration: Is It Worth It? Or Should I Change the Entire Flooring?

Are you going to renovate the house and don’t know what to do with that old hardwood floor that is already all scratched and worn? It is important to know that it is worth evaluating possibilities for floor refinishing and restoration before investing in the total replacement of the material.

After all, when well taken care of, hardwood flooring is durable, never goes out of style, brings more comfort to spaces (even walking barefoot on cold days) and does not appear to be easily dirty (unlike some very smooth coverings, in that a strand of hair can really stand out).

Hardwood Floor Restoration: Is It Worth It?

Over the years, like any other material, hardwood floors will suffer from wear and tear and its appearance may be compromised. That’s why, when we consider the possibility of renovating the place, we ask ourselves: what to do? Change everything and choose another hardwood floor? Choose another material? Or is restoration an option?

In the case of some materials, such as porcelain tiles, the wear can be irrecoverable, as the finish is only on the surface of the coating. Solid materials, such as hardwood, natural stones, granilite, among others, can be scraped, polished and recovered – and the process makes them look brand new again! That is, in these cases, yes, it can be worth it!

What is the Damage Level?

Before understanding which is the most viable choice for each case – recovering, replacing with a new one or even laying another coating on top – it is necessary to analyze several factors. It is necessary to check if the damage to the wood is only on the surface or if it is completely damaged. This conference should generally be done by an expert. Even if the damage is deep, it could be that it is only severe in part of the floor. In this case, you can replace the most damaged parts with others, level and restore the set.

How Thick Is My Wood Floors?

In addition, it is important to assess the thickness of the existing hardwood. With each restoration, a small scraping is done, which makes the wood thinner. In general, 2cm thick hardwood floors will accept about four restoration processes over their lifetime. After that, they can get too thin and not resist. The analysis of each case needs to be done on-site, on a case-by-case basis, preferably by a trusted professional.

Bear in mind that, even so, the restoration can mean a great benefit, as the work time can be shorter, the production of garbage and waste will be minimal and the expense of new construction materials will be saved. In addition, most likely, the durability of hardwood will still be greater than that of a lower cost material.

Decided to Restore! And Now?

The restoration technique consists of scraping the wood, followed by a sealer and a finishing product, which can be varnish, resin or stain. After the procedure is done, the floor will look like new, but remember to take some care to preserve it for a long time.

As there is a limit to how many times you can restore your hardwood floor, better space this need out over time as much as possible! Furniture that can be dragged frequently should have its feet protected to avoid scratches. Also avoid wetting the floor – if water falls, try not to take too long to dry. Also avoid using very abrasive products during cleaning, as they favor the appearance of stains and remove the protective layers.

Hardwood Floor Restoration in Vancouver

If you have hardwood floors in your home and would like an assessment to understand how to make them look like new again, please contact us at BC Floors. Our professionals are qualified to carry out assessments and can guide you on the best options for your case. We work with dustless wood refining that involves sanding, sandless hardwood floor refining or buffing and screening, and hardwood recoating or wood floor cleaning. All services are guaranteed and covered by warranty. 

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