Flooring Trends for 2022: Check Out What Will Be Hot in the Coming Months

A trend is everything that translates into colors, materials, formats and design what we’re looking for – it’s true for fashion, but it’s also true for home and decor. That’s because even if we change the floor at home much less often than we change an item of clothing, for example, we still have innovations and aspects that are also on the rise in this segment. Therefore, throughout this article, we are going to discuss some trends in floorings for the upcoming years.

Flooring Trends in 2022

1. Vinyl flooring

For those who are renovating or building a house from scratch, vinyl flooring is among the most desirable ones. In addition to being easy to apply, it is simple to maintain and cost-effective.

Another point that makes this coating very sought after is the variety of tones and colors it has. This material – whose appearance can resemble wood – can be found in different colors and matches different styles of decoration.

Furthermore, within the vinyl flooring category is the Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) flooring. This is a line that meets a demand for high strength floors. This means that it is a type of floor that is highly recommended also for residential environments with large circulation and/or medium circulation commercial ones.

2. Hardwood floors

This is a classic type of flooring – that’s why it will always be on trend lists. It turns out that nature has been gaining more and more prominence in home decor and, for the next few years, this will be consolidated even more. Natural elements, such as stones, wood and plants, will be even more sought after.

In addition, wooden floors provide comfort, thermal action and good durability. Not to mention the acoustic properties of the material, which significantly reduce noise from one floor to another.

3. Monochromatic spaces

Another interesting idea that has been making the minds of many people is the use of floors in the same tones as the walls to create a monochromatic room. If done in light tones – such as grey, beige or even white – the technique gives a feeling of greater amplitude to the space. You can combine a ceramic floor, for example, with the same tone as the paint on the walls. For a fun touch, you can do the same with more vivid but still delicate tones, such as light pink or turquoise blue.

4. Different patterns

Ceramic floors with hexagonal-shaped pieces, which can be assembled to form different designs and patterns, as well as wooden floors, which can form zigzag or herringbone patterns, are also on the rise. This is another example of a trend that is already classic – they make reference to the art deco aesthetic – and yet remains current and modern.

Flooring Trends in Vancouver – BC Floors Vancouver Flooring Company

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