Flooring for commercial offices: discover the quieter options

More and more companies have bet on a new physical structure for the work areas, tearing down walls and creating large offices called “open space”. In addition to the modern and clean look, the new office concept proposes a more collaborative environment, which facilitates communication and social interaction.

And to make the workplace more pleasant and comfortable, it is essential to also think about floors for commercial spaces. If the location is an office with high circulation of people, it’s not just the beauty, practicality, durability and price that come into the equation. It is also necessary to think about an option that is silent and capable of absorbing noise. This applies as much from one floor to another as on the same floor.

Silent floor Options

Vinyl Flooring: tile (LVT) options are great for commercial spaces. That’s because they not only prevent noise from people walking on it, they also absorb sounds. Additionally, this type of vinyl flooring is available in many varieties of shades and designs.

Laminate floors: another good option is laminate floors, which can be installed with acoustic blankets that insulate the subfloor and noise. In addition, they are great choices for those who like the look of hardwood floorings but want greater durability and practicality to clean.

Carpet: carpet is an excellent ally in corporate environments as it works as an acoustic insulator. In addition, it helps to save energy in climate-controlled spaces, as the fibers retain their temperature for longer. They also provide greater safety against falls.

Carpets are great options for giving a cozy feeling to rooms, but all of them – in commercial or residential spaces – require occasional professional maintenance to avoid the proliferation of mites.

Quiet floors in Vancouver

If you are setting floors for your company and want a silent option, please contact us. We have many alternatives and we can help you find the best choice for your needs.

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