Find out what are the main trends in flooring and coverings

Choosing floors can be a challenge. There are many options on the market, with very different sizes, colors and prices. If you’re thinking about buying an apartment/house and moving in or even renovating one, it’s worth knowing what the industry trends are.

Regarding formats, the watchword for floors and coverings is daring. The same goes for colors and even tone-on-tone environments are on the rise. To follow the trend in the kitchen, for example, you can have a light gray floor and dark gray cabinets.

Now in larger and colorful versions, the coverings will be a key part in any room. With colors ranging from pastel to dark tones and graphic prints, the tiles (ceramic, stone, porcelain) create a more modern look in the kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen floors

There are many options for muted tones other than white that are on the rise. The “mushroom” gray, which mixes shades of brown and gray, is one of the most used colors in kitchens at the moment. It can come in cabinets to complement a floor that looks like burnt cement, for example.

The technology in the flooring and coatings industry already allows another solution: wooden floors in the kitchen. In this case, the most practical option is vinyl flooring, which is simple to install and easy to clean – cleaning can be done with a damp cloth rather than splashing water directly on the floor.

Texture mix in the bathroom

Although it remains at the top of the flooring and coating list, today porcelain tile can be found in many different shapes and textures, not just the extremely smooth and mirrored ones of a few years ago.

Cementitious, woody and marbled porcelain tiles appear in different colors to match all decor styles. Also, larger tiles are a trend in bathroom flooring and linings, as they have less grout area and are therefore easier to clean.

Now, if you want to give your bathroom a retro look, why not bet on the hydraulic tile? Hexagonal-shaped models are a big trend and should remain in fashion for quite some time. They can be found in plain color versions or with graphics. If the floor is smooth, you can complement the look with geometric print tiles as wall coverings.

Sustainable options

Very popular outdoors, the ecological wood deck has gained space in the bathroom. This type of flooring ensures a spa-like atmosphere for the guest bathroom or apartment suite. To match the decor, you can bring plants into the room – ​​there are species that do very well in damp spaces with low light.

In the kitchen, as we’ve already mentioned, a sustainable option is vinyl flooring. Usually made of ecological materials, this type of floor can be found in different colors and textures, from the lightest to black. So whatever your kitchen decor, there’s bound to be a vinyl floor color to decorate.

Are you going to buy or renovate a property? Keep an eye on floorings

After all, they are essential to set the tone for any decor. If you need help in the Vancouver area, we have a specialized team that can help you with all the steps regarding flooring in your construction or renovation. Please click here and contact us.

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