Find out how to choose the ideal flooring for each room in the house

Each corner of our house has a special meaning and each room gives us a distinct feeling. Taking these factors into account is essential when choosing the ideal floor for a room. And we’re not just talking about the aesthetic issue.

The floorings chosen make all the difference to harmonize the residence and allow it to provide more comfort. Every room has different needs. Wet areas need floors with a higher coefficient of friction, for example, that do not slip and that meet performance standards.

However, in addition to your personal tastes, do you know what needs to be observed when choosing the floor for each room in the house? We have prepared a quick guide for you to easily discover which are the best options for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Living room Flooring

For the living room, it is necessary to consider that this is an area with great circulation in a house. Thus, the floor must combine ease of maintenance and cleaning with good taste and elegance. For this room wooden floors such as engineered hardwood, vinyl, cork or laminate blend in well with this environment.

Kitchen Flooring

Ease of cleaning and maintenance is also a factor to be observed in kitchen floors, but it should be noted that in this room it is important to opt for versions that accumulate less fat. This is a characteristic of porcelain tiles with less texture. In addition, if your kitchen is integrated into the living room, you need to think of a flooring that works well for both rooms – such as porcelain tiles inspired by stones, for example.

Bathroom Flooring

To ensure safety, choosing a non-slip floor is essential in the bathroom, especially in the shower area. From more neutral lines to stamped versions, the most important thing is that the chosen porcelain tile is indicated for humid environments, with a higher coefficient of friction. There are also options and porcelain tiles inspired by natural stones, such as marble, which work well.

Finally, it is possible to choose porcelain tiles that go from the floor to the wall, for example, making a unique and striking composition. For this room, ceramic floors, which can be slippery, should be avoided.

Bedrooms Flooring

When we talk about the bedrooms, there is no word that better defines this area than comfort. Wood materials, wood floors, laminate floors or vinyl floors, the bedrooms are the ideal environments. The advantage of laminates and vinyls is that they are, in general, very quiet floors.

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