Caring for Solid Hardwood Floors

As providers of flooring in Vancouver, the team at BC Floors know solid hardwood floors remain one of the hottest trends in the housing market. Durable and classic, hardwood floors bring beauty and warmth to any space. However, it takes care and maintenance to keep these floors looking their best. From a quick clean to a deep refresh, the team at BC Floors has put together some helpful cleaning tips for homeowners.


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Hardwood floors can scratch, so if you notice any debris on the floor, sweep or wipe it up using a soft-bristled broom or microfiber dust mop. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, it’s a good idea to vacuum at least once a week. However, make sure the brush roller is off and any wheels are rubber coated (if applicable).


Use a wood cleaner about once a month. There are all types of floor cleaners on Amazon, but diluting a few drops of gentle dish soap in water is another alternative. Spritz the solution lightly onto the floor and mop away immediately using a microfiber mop. Be careful not to soak the floors. The objective is to provide just enough moisture to wipe away any grubby spots, not saturate the wood.


Tackle dirty baseboards with a soft microfiber cloth. Corners and crevices can be cleaned with a dedicated toothbrush—a diamond head with soft bristles works best.


Over time, every floor will be subject to basic wear and tear, but one of the most remarkable qualities of hardwood floors is that they can be stripped, sanded, and refinished, thereby restoring the wood to a like-new state. Refinishing real solid hardwood floors is something that only needs to be done every few decades. If it’s time for refinishing services, the team at BC Floors can assist.


Hardwood floors are a classic flooring option that can last decades with proper care. To maximize the life of your floors, minimize exposure to water, and use mats and furniture guards to proactively protect against scratching.

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As providers of hardwood flooring in Vancouver, BC Floors supplies and installs all wooden flooring types, including solid pre-finished, raw solid hardwood flooring, custom parquet, pre-finished and unfinished engineered hardwood. BC Floors buys directly from the manufactures and offers some of the most competitive pricing on all flooring types in Vancouver. To see their selection and discuss installation, please visit our showroom at 103 – 3728 North Fraser Way in Burnaby.

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