Bamboo floors: main advantages and why choose this type of flooring for your project

If you are building or renovating a property, you are probably in doubt about the choice of floors. Just to help you make the best decision, today we are going to discuss the advantages of bamboo flooring.

Why choose bamboo flooring?

Bamboo flooring has many advantages for a civil construction project, as listed below:

* Easy to clean floor:

No special product is needed to clean and maintain the bamboo floor. A broom or vacuum cleaner and a slightly damp cloth with water followed by a dry cloth are sufficient for daily care.

* Good water resistance: 

Bamboo flooring is able to resist damage, deformation and stains caused by water, such as those caused by infiltration. But it’s important to say that it’s not a waterproof type of flooring.

* High strength material:

Bamboo is a plant known for its resilience. Compared to other woods, a bamboo floor can resist as much as a red oak one.

* Sophistication and elegance: 

Bamboo wood has its own style, giving a unique look to the room where it was inserted, something that is somewhere between rustic and luxurious.

* Easily repairable material: 

If, over time, the bamboo flooring scratches, discolors or becomes damaged, the repair is easy and hassle-free: just sand the material and apply a new finish on top and you’re done!

But be aware!

As much as bamboo floors are a great option, it’s important to be aware of a few points. The first is that too much water and moisture can damage the material – so this is a great choice for non-damp indoor environments, but not so much for outdoor environments or damp areas.

Furthermore, even though it is a very resistant material, it is susceptible to scratches over time. If you have pets, for example, this can contribute to scratching your floor.

Bamboo Floors in Vancouver; If you are interested in having bamboo flooring in your property – or even if you are still unsure which flooring to choose – please let us know. We at BC Floors can guide you on the best material for your case and carry out the installation. Our professionals are trained and ready to serve you. To request a free quote, click here.

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