Vinyl flooring trends and popularity

Do you think you can always distinguish vinyl flooring from hardwood flooring from a glance? If you say Yes, then we are going to prove you wrong.

Luxury Vinyl trends have completely changed the game. Since it was originally introduced to the consumers about 2 years ago, it has significantly grown in popularity. Luxury vinyl flooring can basically mimic any type of hardwood. And with the new photo technologies, you can barely tell the difference unless you touch the floor.

Besides an incredible look, you still get the same benefits of vinyl flooring, such as: easy to clean, water resistant, fairly inexpensive (in comparison with hardwood flooring) and highly durable.

BC FLOORS flooring company has quite a variety of flooring products in Vancouver – different brands, styles, shapes (squares, planks), etc. Installation services are available as well. Luxury Vinyl is certainly worth of checking out.

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